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Vintage graphic shirts

Your vintage must-have for summer!

Summer is approaching and it's definitely getting too hot for all the vintage puffy jackets, sweaters and hoodies in your vintage wardrobe - you need other vintage it-pieces! But what counts as an absolute essential for the summer in the vintage scene?

It doesn't take long to think about it - vintage graphic t-shirts with lovely details and prints come to mind right away! For everyone who doesn't know what we're talking about: don't worry, we'll clarify the basics!

What is a Vintage Graphic Tee?

Vintage graphic tees are old t-shirts from the 80s and 90s that have a print printed on them . This can sometimes be more or less detailed and unusual and there are prints of all kinds: it doesn't matter whether the logo of a brand is printed on the T-shirt or it is a larger front or back print from the racing Scene, the music sector or the film world - with vintage graphic tees you will definitely be a street style eye-catcher in summer!

How the imprint is designed also depends in part on the brands. While brands like Nike or Adidas often simply print their logo on the shirt, brands like Gildan or Fruit of the Loom are special manufacturers of shirts with all kinds of prints. The merchandise clothing from Harley-Davidson is particularly well-known for its graphic shirts Clothing. These shirts made of heavy, high-quality and particularly hard-wearing heavy cotton fabric are printed with particularly loving, detailed prints from the motorcycle area . There are also Nascar shirts with prints from the racing scene and the t-shirts from Disney merchandise are also printed with cute characters from the films and series .

Peece's x Graphic Shirts

Are you still looking for the perfect graphic tee for you with the perfect print at a fair price? Of course, this summer essential should not be missing in our vintage online shop, so we offer a separate category only for graphic shirts from the best brands such as Harley-Davidson , Fruit of the Loom, Nike or Disney . There is definitely something for everyone here. Your motto is "Don't use too much color"? If you prefer your print to be simple and small, grab the Printed Logo Shirts from Nike! If you like being the eye-catcher among people on the streets and like it conspicuous, Harley shirts and Nascar shirts with large, colorful prints are the right thing for you! No matter what type you are - you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with us! Have fun browsing and shopping!

Do you not only want to shop for graphic shirts, but also t-shirts in general? Then check out our t-shirts and for other products such as sweaters and hoodies our many other categories!

Your size was not included or the item you had in mind was snatched from under your nose? While this is annoying, don't worry - your cart will soon see other stuff! Because almost every one of our regular drops every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 p.m. includes some nice graphic t-shirts that we carefully select, sort and prepare ourselves beforehand, i.e. filter, clean and iron. So just be at the start of the next drop and convince yourself of unique, blatant pieces!

The choice is not enough for you? We often collect the craziest graphic shirts with the best prints from recognized sportswear brands over several months and throw them all out at once in a graphic shirts motto drop ! Would you like to learn more about this? In order not to miss any relevant information such as discount campaigns, drop previews or early access for this next theme drop, all you have to do is register for our newsletter with your e-mail using the contact form below. It's best to also follow us actively on Instagram and TikTok - this way you'll always be informed about the latest. Of course you can count on the usual Peeces quality and shipping in 1-2 working days for all your orders!

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