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Hardly any other brand enjoys such a cult status as Harley-Davidson. However, for many motorcyclists, Harley-Davidson isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle. Since 1903, the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, founded as Harley-Davidson Motor Co., has specialized in the sale of high quality vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles and accessories. Harley-Davidson was one of the first motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes

Not only that, since the twentieth century the brand has been producing its own clothing and merchandise, starting with the signature Harley-Davidson leather jackets. Today there are countless collections of Harley-Davidson MotorClothes brand. A distinction is made between the MotorClothes Core-Line (permanently available clothing) and Quarterly (seasonally short-term available clothing). In addition to the leather jacket, Harley-Davidson now also produces rain jackets, track jackets and casual jackets such as college jackets with the characteristic patch of the brand name, helmets, casual pants and motorcycle trousers, motorcycle gloves, belts and T-shirts.

What makes the Harley-Davidson brand so special?

While Harley-Davidson is a brand of quality products, the brand is marketed more based on the character, experience and staging of the products it creates. It is not for nothing that Bernhardt Gneiting, Marketing Director of Harley-Davidson-GmbH, says: "We sell a lifestyle - the motorcycle is included free of charge." The brand and products not only embody the basic features of the American dream of freedom and adventure, but a very own culture is created around the motorcycles and their equipment. Because not everyone feels the film of a Harley driver, who is usually a very loyal customer of the brand and rarely uses other products in the area of ​​motorcycles and their equipment and merchandise. For him, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not just motorcycles, they are a passion. The Harley-Davidson customer base can therefore almost be described as a family in its own right. Belonging is characterized here by its own rituals that the “Harley” group creates for itself, such as regular “biker” meetings and its own values ​​and ideas in relation to the product and experience. This is how the "Harley Owners Group" (HOG) was founded in 1983. The strategy of the experience around the style of Harley bikes also included the production of motorcycle and leisure clothing as well as gifts and customizing items. Individualism is one of the strongest values ​​of the Harley-Davidson corporate culture. With these values ​​and its retro bikes, Harley-Davidson has finally become a brand with cult status that can charge premium prices on its products.

Harley Davidson Vintage Clothes

With Harley-Davidson having been making clothing and merchandise for a century, Harley-Davidson is a popular and respected brand on the vintage scene with some great vintage treasures! Vintage Harley-Davidson T-shirts are particularly popular in the vintage clothing world. Here's the special feature: every Harley motif on the graphic shirt is not only of particularly high quality, composed of special and many graphic details, but above all unique and no longer available after a certain time, which makes the brand particularly attractive for vintage lovers - because With vintage clothing, every piece is unique and will not be found again on someone else! In addition, the shirts are of high quality because they are made of strong, durable and relatively heavy fabric. The official Harley merch is always sold out quickly by fans of the Harley-Davidson scene. Vintage Harley-Davidson sweatshirts, vintage Harley-Davidson hoodies, boots and helmets are also very popular.

Peece's x Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson is also one of our most popular top brands at Peeces. Every time we do a Harley-Davidson themed drop or drop a vintage Harley graphic shirt in general, you guys celebrate it out of the ordinary! And that's because you know very well: EVERY Harley shirt is unique! Even though Harley Pieces are often sold out immediately after the drop, sometimes you are lucky and we still have some parts to choose from! On this page you will find our current range of Harley-Davidson products - but in order not to miss the next big Harley-Davidson motto drop, follow @peeces_de on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!