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Peeces x Umbro

We agree - Umbro is simply the expression of vintage! The brand, which was founded in England in 1924, has been around for a number of years and there are many nice vintage pieces from sweaters and hoodies to training jackets, windbreakers and zippers to accessories to discover. Discover the whole vintage world of Umbro now on this page! And now follows a bit of storytime on the traditional Umbro brand...

Storytime: Umbro - from a family idea to a sportswear legend

Umbro was originally founded by brothers Harold and Wallace Humphreys as “Humphreys Brother Clothing” in 1920. However, in 1924 the name was changed to Umbro. In 1934 Umbro became a member of Manchester United and since then has provided some players with football clothing - At the 1966 World Cup, 15 of 16 teams wore Umbro jerseys. In 1985 Umbro launched its first football boot in Brazil. In 2007, the company was finally taken over by the Nike Group and sold to another company in 2012. During his football career, Umbro sponsored a number of other football teams, including German teams such as VfL Bochum and Werder Bremen.

What does Umbro stand for?

Above all, Umbro is characterized by the particularly good price-performance ratio of the clothing. For years, the brand has traditionally been selling high-quality sportswear that is available at a fair price. Its functional details and attributes make Umbro clothing suitable for any weather, whether snow, rain, wind or cold, and durable for any activity - so you are ready for any outdoor activity, be it ball sports outside on the sports field, hiking, trekking , camping etc., perfectly equipped! But also for indoor sports, such as in the gym, you don't have to worry if you start sweating with breathable Umbro clothing! Umbro Sportswear is more minimalistic in sober colors like grey, black or blue and mainly consists of garments with the classic Umbro logo printed or embroidered. So Umbro stands for a simple design. Sportswear, which is generally more geared towards training jackets for football, tends to be colorful, with a few exceptions, such as track jackets and training shirts. However, this does not mean that every athlete of different disciplines will not find what they are looking for in the sports selection of Umbro clothing! In addition to its focus on football clothing, Umbro also produces clothing for sports such as fitness, swimming and cycling - the fashion company is therefore versatile! The collections offer a selection for both women and men. The company also offers underwear for women.

However, Umbro clothing is not just for sportswear - you can of course also wear the cool pieces casually in your free time! Combine your Umbro track jacket with matching Umbro track pants or your oversized Umbro hoodie with jeans - you rarely do anything wrong with that!