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T-shirts are the first thing we pull out of our closets in spring and the last thing we put back in there in fall just before the cold season - and let's rock them all summer long! As everyone knows - t-shirts are a must-have in every wardrobe - and you can never have enough of them. But not all t-shirts are the same!

Different styles, materials, prints or patches ensure a large selection in our shop - where you are guaranteed to find something!

t shirts

You can rarely go wrong with a basic vintage 90s t-shirt with an embroidered Nike or Adidas logo. It can be combined with almost any outfit and is particularly casual as an oversized vintage t-shirt. So be sure to follow our size guide when buying your favorite t-shirt! A little style tip from us: wear your new vintage shirt over wide jeans or track pants - then the casual fit is complete! But of course it's only a suggestion - because an outfit is always nicest the way you celebrate it yourself and also radiates this vibe to the outside world!

polo shirts

Vintage polo shirts are often associated with golf attire and, with buttons and a high collar, look simpler and more elegant than a casual everyday t-shirt. The polo shirts, as the name suggests, were created by sports brands such as Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren and are still very characteristic and popular of these brands today. In addition to these two brands, we also often offer polo shirts from other sports brands such as Boss, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, College Teams and Tommy Hilfiger - check out our brand register for the complete selection!

Graphic Shirts, Band Shirts and Nascar Shirts

Are you looking for a piece that really pimps your outfit and with which you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher in the city? So we recommend a vintage graphic shirt! These are T-shirts with various types of prints, often from the Gildan or Fruit of the Loom brands. Great again - the variation! Would you like a front or back print, or both? In addition to graphic shirts with a basic and rather incoherent print, a distinction is also made between vintage band shirts, i.e. shirts with a print from a band or rapper concert that was a few years ago. Of course, these are always some of the heaviest t-shirts, as they are often official tour merch from a band or musician and were only sold at the respective concert, so they were definitely never available again afterwards - a sick vintage piece of a limited edition!

Concerts are not your thing and you tend to get excited when it comes to racing and cars, according to the Fast & Furious motto? Then Nascar shirts might be the right thing for you! Nascar shirts are also popular vintage t-shirts with a racing motif, which is usually printed on the fabric in a slightly higher quality. The motifs are usually super detailed and wild, so a Nascar shirt just gives every outfit fire.

Also popular statement pieces and real vintage treasures: the unique graphic shirts from the Harley-Davidson brand - from which we always have blatant pieces!

With this variety of graphic shirts, there is guaranteed to be something for you - so watch out for the next graphic shirts drop! Feel free to take a look around our shop - we always have wild graphic shirts!